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Ben Baller is a celebrity jeweller, and such an erstwhile fan of Tesla that he gifted Elon Musk a ring last Christmas — a $40,000 custom diamond baguette and ruby Tesla ring, with the Tesla logo crafted from trillion-cut diamonds and ‘TESLA’ made out on the back with solid platinum and custom cut diamonds. Reason? To thank Musk for being an inspiration to him for creating 50,000 jobs in America and bringing the auto industry back. And for designing Baller’s Tesla, which he liked driving.

Maybe not anymore, because Baller made the news yesterday, sharing on social media: “I wish this was a f***ing joke. I’m locked inside my f***ing Tesla. I know I’ve been the Tesla fan, I’ve said so many good things about Tesla. But I’ve been locked in the car now for 37 minutes f***ing waiting for roadside assistance.”

Tesla share price seems to have survived the rant. The stock rebounded from a confluence of support in the guise of $250 historical support and the bottom of a falling wedge. The formation of a bullish abandoned baby could have signalled a temporary reversal in the downtrend dating back to mid-Dec. Prices are looking to test resistance formed by the upper boundary of the falling wedge and the 50-day SMA.

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