Complete Electronic Marketplace Solutions

We empower brokers, exchanges and traders with the latest tech solutions to digitise their businesses and unlock maximum value across the transaction chain of financial services.


Front-End Trading Solutions

Our front-end trading solution is an award winning, next-generation platform that is cost-effective and pragmatic.

Our solution supports customisation, development of new features or modules, and integration with existing APIs to connect to in-house back-end systems as well as external liquidity providers or brokers.



Our Execution Management System is a multi-asset class trading platform with a customisable UI/UX seamlessly integrating multiple asset classes into a single screen for data and order routing: equities, FX, derivatives, futures, options and fixed income are all supported.

Our Order Management System is a fully integrated system to help your customers manage their orders, positions, exposure, and portfolios. Offer your customers faster execution alongside integrated post-trade capabilities that are safe and intuitive.


Each customer has their own unique business needs. We will do a comprehensive walk through to understand these requirements and design your solution in a modular fashion. This simplifies future development and allows our development team to easily customise existing or new modules to meet your specific requirements.


We have designed our products to be powerful, robust, and responsive. Our systems have been built on the latest tech stack – React, Node, and MongoDB for scalability and lightweight responsiveness.

We ensure that our solution is agile and built for change. Our infrastructure’s high speed API gateway gives you the flexibility to integrate seamlessly with Liquidity Providers and Market Data Sources.

Our team’s background in algorithmic trading facilitates our solution in enabling the development, testing, and deployment of customised algo-driven strategies.

Our trading solution is available as a downloadable desktop application for multiple OS, via web browser, and as a mobile application to allow your customers to access their accounts and the markets at their desks or on the move.

Gain access to market data for multiple asset classes, including international equities, FX, cryptocurrencies, allowing your deployment to be a one-stop market tool for your customers.

Fully customisable watchlists enable your customers to gain full visibility of their selected assets, holdings and gains.

With integrated 2FA authentication via Google authenticator, traders can safeguard access to the platform. Customer sensitive information is stored locally on the customer’s device, and is protected with AES-256 encryption.

We believe that speed and flexibility is key. Our cloud-based model covers customisation, deployment and ongoing maintenance. Fast implementation and fully managed solutions help brokers and exchanges reduce the need for infrastructure and team buildout, reducing the cost of your tech deployment.

Every trader trades differently, and our interface is designed to be fully customisable to meet the exact requirements of every customer. Custom workspaces, resizable windows and multi-monitor support allow unparalleled versatility to support any trading workflow.

Our proprietary chat platform is built for social trading via bots, public, private and individual chats. With fully customisable RSS feeds, integrated access to social media portals, and video streams, we are the future of interactive trading.


Complete Suite of Back-End Solutions

Our back-end solutions are seamlessly integrated with our front-end software, providing your business with a full-fledged electronic marketplace.


Our back-end solutions addresses the entire transaction chain, and covers not only price discovery, trade confirmation, settlement solutions, but also ERP and CRM modules.

We assist your business with the deployment of electronic marketplaces, whether in the form of central limit order book exchanges or over-the-counter price discovery venues. Leverage our next-generation marketplace solutions to streamline and transform your business for a competitive edge.

With our regulatory and legal experience, we can provide support relating to licensing, regulatory, and compliance requirements for the operation of your electronic marketplace, including operational expertise, tech deployment, customer onboarding, KYC/AML compliance, reporting and risk management requirements.

Our post-trade settlement solution using the blockchain enables digital, instantaneous, and trustless cross-border settlements. We utilise smart contracts to function as a decentralised escrow agent, permitting participants to settle trades immutably and trustlessly, with significantly decreased settlement cycles and costs.

Our dedicated request for quote (RFQ) solution supports OTC marketplaces, allowing negotiations and discretionary over-the-counter trading of financial and digital assets.

Our high performance and low latency matching engine is built from the ground up, meeting performance requirements of a modern central limit order book exchange while remaining lightweight and cost effective. ​

We also provide customised back-end management solutions seamlessly integrated with your electronic marketplace, which permit full customer account monitoring, analytics, management and payments, giving you complete oversight over your electronic marketplace. We also offer accounting, inventory management, ERP and CRM modules for your business requirements.

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