Empowering Bullion Companies, Trading Firms, Brokers and Associations to Digitise Their Businesses

We offer tech solutions for the entire transaction chain of bullion trading, including price discovery, trade confirmation, settlement solutions, as well as customisable back-end ERP and CRM modules. 


Our front-end software is an award-winning, next-generation platform that is cost-effective, pragmatic, and customer-centric.


Our front-end solution is available as a downloadable desktop application for multiple OS, via web browser, and as a mobile application to allow you or your customers to access accounts and the markets on the go.

We have designed our products to be powerful, robust, and responsive. Our systems have been built on the latest tech stack – React, Node, and MongoDB for scalability and lightweight responsiveness.

We believe that speed and flexibility is key. Our cloud-based model covers customisation, deployment and ongoing maintenance. Fast implementation and fully managed solutions help brokers and exchanges reduce the need for infrastructure and team buildout, reducing the cost of your tech deployment.

Every trader trades differently, and our interface is designed to be fully customisable to meet the exact requirements of every customer. Custom workspaces, resizable windows and multi-monitor support allow unparalleled versatility to support any trading workflow.

Our front-end software is fully featured and can be tailored to your exact specifications to digitise and automate your operations. Modules include:

• Watchlist to display live executable prices

• Quote screen module for live comparison of executable prices

• Order placement module for placing of orders

• Order history module for monitoring historical orders and status

• Portfolio management module for monitoring balances, account margin, and deposit

• News and video modules for customisable display and streaming of market- or industry-related news

• Chat module for real time interaction and customer support through a chatbot or manned helpdesk

• Advanced charting module for the display of data and technical analysis


Our back-end software suite powers bullion businesses, exchanges and marketplaces via our API-driven marketplace software enabling order book or OTC deployments.​​


We support the low-latency streaming of live prices from multiple bullion, futures and FX liquidity providers or any other customisable sources via multiple protocols (FIX, REST, WS or other API formats), whether for reference or execution purposes. Pricing is fully integrated to allow for dynamic updating of margining.

Aggregation of multiple price feeds facilitates the discovery of best pricing or creation of a blended feed for any bullion type.

Real-time tools let you view and adjust the parameters and spreads of live price streams to create a reference or executable price for your customers.

Our margin monitoring systems allows you complete management of your customer’s margins, inclusive of cash, physical and derivative exposure. Overall margin requirements can be specified for each customer, and applicable margins are automatically calculated and refreshed in real time, based on all current prices.

Our customer account management module provides you with complete oversight and control over your customers’ accounts, and allows you to set specific permissions and restrictions for each customer.

Our inventory management module allows for capturing of inventory-related balances, costing (using FIFO, average, or customisable accounting methodologies), movements, transfers, and more. You can use either lot or serial tracking to track individual bars or by total weight, and generate and export summaries and reports.

Our accounting module is fully integrated with our front-end solutions to seamlessly generate and export customer reports, standard accounting transaction reports, and general ledger reports (balance sheets, payables/receivables, P&L, cash flow, etc.). We also support multi-currency features including reporting for realised or unrealised gains and losses due to FX movements.

Our bullion trading module is specifically tailored to cover both the physical and trading requirements and needs of the bullion industry. These customisations cover unfixed/fixed sales and purchases, commodity receipts/issues and fixings customers/banks.

Ensure that your platform and data are well secured. Sensitive data and customer information is protected by AES 256. We support 2FA multi-factor authentication. All movements and changes made within our system are tracked by an audit log for unparalleled transparency and traceability.

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