Request For Quote (RFQ)/ Over-The-Counter (OTC) Engine

Asset-agnostic RFQ system designed for off-exchange price discovery and bilateral trade negotiations.

Support Your OTC User Base

Turnkey RFQ platform for the discovery and execution of off-exchange transactions across a wide variety of assets.

Disseminate Interest for Multiple Instruments

Enable OTC trading of a wide variety of digital and real world assets with our integrated RFQ workflow, allowing participants to express interest in specific instruments or assets.

Modular and Interoperable

Bridge voice- and electronic- trading with digital RFQ trading infrastructure, while still complying with regulatory requirements surrounding best execution. Augment your offering with our adjacent Market Technology Solutions suite. 

Offer Unparalleled Flexibility

Allow participants to get competitive quotes, even in relatively illiquid markets. Offer the speed, transparency, and accessibility of a digital market with the flexibility and relationship-driven price discovery of a brokered market.

Key Features

Named & Unnamed Models

Both anonymous and directed trading options are available, offering choice and control over price discovery and counterparty selection.

Secure Chat Functionality

Private individual and group chat channels can be set up to provide direct trade support and bilateral negotiation between counterparties.

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