Request-For-Quote /
Over-The-Counter Engine

Our RFQ Module for electronic OTC venues provides an electronic trading hub for the discovery and execution of off-exchange transactions across a wide variety of assets.

Turnkey RFQ Platform

Our RFQ module enables clients to automate existing voice- and chat- broking services, and electronically capture trade confirmations and records. Deploy a fully-fledged electronic OTC market either independently or alongside an alternative matching system.

Multi-asset Trading

An asset-agnostic architecture enables peer-to-peer trading of a wide variety of digital and real world assets.

Named & Unnamed Models

Both anonymous or directed trading are available, offering choice and control over price discovery and counterparty selection.

Modular & Interoperable

Our RFQ Platform can be augmented with various other features, including: chat rooms, market surveillance, and post-trade settlement.

Product Brief: RFQ / OTC One-Pager

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