Token Management Solution

Token Management module facilitating the seamless creation, issuance and management of tokenised assets.

Create, Issue and Manage Tokenised Assets

Issuance and management module for the lifecycle of digital securities/assets.

Tokenise Multiple Asset Classes

Streamline ownership, management, trading and settlement of traditionally illiquid assets.

Maximise the Potential of a Tokenised Ecosystem

Integrate with our Hydra X Market Technology suite to enable digital trading and unlock liquidity.

Increase Efficiencies

Automate essential middle and back office processes, including corporate actions and settlements, for operational efficiency.

Key Features

Token Management

Custom configuration and management of fungible/non-fungible token supply and issuance, as well as the minting, burning and suspension of tokens.

Smart Contract & Token Issuance

Rapid deployment of smart contracts and token issuance.


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