Middle and Back Office Functionalities

Our middle and back end modules power exchanges, bullion and commodity businesses and marketplaces via our API-driven marketplace software

Full-stack modules to manage your finance, accounting, inventory, operations and CRM


Customer Account Management Module

  • Complete oversight and control over your customers’ accounts
  • Set specific permissions and restrictions for each customer

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Module

  • Monitor and manage your customer interactions to ensure efficient tracking of all sales leads and sales data


Margining Engine Module

  • Complete management of your customers’ margins
  • Applicable margins are automatically calculated and refreshed in real time, based on current prices
  • One-click customer notifications and liquidation of positions for customer accounts which fall below margin levels

Spread Management Module

  • View and adjust the parameters and spreads of live price streams to create a reference or executable price for your customers


Accounting Module

  • Functionality includes standard accounting transaction reporting and general ledger reports (balance sheets, payables/receivables, P&L, cash flow, etc.) which may all be generated and exported
  • Supports multi-currency features including reporting for realised or unrealised gains and losses due to FX movements
  • Fully integrated with other relevant modules

Inventory Management Module

  • Capture inventory-related balances, costing (using FIFO, average, or customisable accounting methodologies), movements, transfers as well as scrap management
  • Use either lot or serial tracking to track individual bars or by total weight, and generate and export summaries and reports

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