Digital Securities Custody

Fully regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore to provide independent custody for tokenised securities.

The Regulated Digital Custodian to Institutions

Our institution-grade custody solution has been designed on top of a multi-layered architecture to meet the needs of regulated issuers, marketplaces and operators.

Regulatory-Compliant Framework

Developed to meet the regulatory demands of a robust governing body and purpose-built for the regulated custody needs of our institutional clients. 

Security and Resilience

Our digital custody infrastructure is designed for the banking sector, with an emphasis on security and operational resilience.

Value-Added Custody

Integrate with our adjacent Market Technology Solutions suite to enable seamless and secure operation of your tokenised marketplace.

Key Features

Dedicated Safekeeping Solution

Our custody solution is a dedicated solution relying on a mix of technology and physical security to ensure the safekeeping of assets under custody. A hot/cold wallet infrastructure is utilised in conjunction with secure offline vaults and multi-signature, air-gapped hardware security modules.

Stringent Operational Safeguards

Further security is provided by a key management system, 2FA tokens and operational protocols.

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