Pricing Engine

Our Pricing Engine provides complete control and oversight over all aspects of price generation to accurately and flexibly price products tailored to every customer group.

Flexible management options

Custom price streams

Design an unlimited number of custom price streams, each with their own criterion based on currency pair, size, tenor, order type or time of day.

Spread display set-up

Set up different spreads for display to different customers, based on currency pair, quantity, customer profile, or any combination thereof.

Risk management

Separate risk management philosophies for each customer that can be flexibly adjusted based on dynamic market conditions.

Customer margin

Apply customer margining on a group or individual basis.


Limitless Connectivity

Our high speed API gateway allows for low latency streaming of live prices from a wide variety of data, liquidity and rate providers, or any customisable sources via multiple protocols (FIX, REST, WebSockets or other API formats).


Quoted prices can be disseminated in real time across various channels, in streaming or over front end GUIs.

Modular & Interoperable

Seamlessly augment or deploy a complete electronic marketplace with Hydra X’s front end, middle and back office solutions.

Product Brief: Pricing Engine One-Pager

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