enterprise solutions

Our solutions are built with the latest tech stack to empower digitalisation, integration and transformation across the entire trading transaction chain.

Fully integrable solutions to streamline all your workloads

Scalable infrastructure

Our extremely scalable architecture supports on-premise, cloud, or mixed deployments, and scales according to the number of machines and databases.

Operational stability

Our solution is built to avoid single points of failure. We utilise redundant exchange servers, and separate redundant trade databases, which are infinitely scalable depending on your business requirements.

Security that you can trust

Our clients can trade with a peace of mind. Customer sensitive information is stored locally on the customer’s device, and is protected with AES-256 encryption.


Asset-agnostic architecture for the modern electronic marketplace

A low-latency matching system that enables high throughput trade allocation.

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Electronic trading module for automated discovery and execution of off-exchange transactions in a wide variety of assets.

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Gain complete control over all aspects of price generation to flexibly price products tailored to each customer.

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An independent, ultra low-latency solution wirh risk control operations carried out in-memory.

Solution Briefs

Discover what Hydra X solutions can do for your business


Technology Brief: Matching Engine

How Hydra X's Matching Engine solution works as a core component of your electronic marketplace

Technology Brief: Request-For-Quote / Over-The-Counter Engine

How Hydra X’s RFQ Module provides an electronic hub for automated discovery and off-exchange transactions

Demo Video - Sigma

Take a closer look at Sigma, our unified information, analytics and execution trading platform, which can be adapted for enterprise needs.

Security that you can trust

Industry-standard Identity Management

We utilise the latest authentification technology  without compromising our exposure of personally identifiable information to external systems.

Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) Protection

DDoS attacks are mitigated through the use of third-party cloud-based protection services such as Cloudflare and Amazon’s Route 53.

Regular Reporting & Alerts

We generate threat reports and log analytics to ensure that our systems are secure and healthy within service level timeframes.

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