Marketplace Solutions

Rapidly Deploy Your Scalable Marketplace

Hydra X offers end-to-end marketplace solutions for exchanges, brokers, bullion and commodity companies to deploy electronic marketplaces, and digitalise their trading and operational workflows

Hydra X Marketplace Solutions Suite

Our solutions cover all aspects of the trading transaction chain, and enable our clients to address the demands of their full-fledged electronic marketplaces, or the specific requirements of their businesses. 


Unlock maximum value across the transaction chain of trading

End-to-End Toolkit

Our solutions enable clients to rapidly deploy their required technical and compliance infrastructure.

Slash Time to Value

Cloud deployment of enterprise solutions translate into cheaper and faster customer and business acquisition, and allow clients to focus on establishing commercial moats.

Cost Efficiencies

Cost-effective modular pricing model reduces barriers to adoption and allows for cost-efficient set ups.


Digitalise, automate and simplify your trading workflows


Cloud-based infrastructure that scales with volume of transactions.

We believe that speed and flexibility is key. Our cloud-based model covers customisation, deployment and ongoing maintenance. Fast implementation and fully managed solutions help businesses reduce the need for infrastructure and team buildout, reducing the cost of your tech deployment.


Fully customisable solution with multi-device support

Every trader trades differently, and our interface is designed to be fully customisable to meet the exact requirements of your business and your customers.


Fully-integrated pricing engine allows for dynamic updating of margining

We support the low-latency streaming of live prices from multiple bullion, futures and FX liquidity providers or any other customisable sources via multiple protocols (FIX, REST, WebSockets or other API formats), whether for reference or execution purposes.

Deploy only what you need

Front End
Trading Platform

Cost-effective and customer-centric front end solution.

Middle and Back Office

Complete middle and back office functionalities for trade management operation

Matching Engine

Low-latency matching system enabling high throughput allocation

RFQ/ OTC Platform

Trading hub for discovery and execution of off-exchange multi-asset transactions

Pricing Engine

Comprehensive rates-generation solution for businesses


Deep regulatory experience, complete solution, reliable technology

Secure & regulatory-compliant solution

Partners can benefit from a multitude of solutions covering tech and operational/regulatory considerations such as customer onboarding, KYC/AML compliance, reporting and risk management.

Asset-agnostic architecture

Our asset-agnostic solutions cater to the needs of modern electronic marketplaces to support multiple asset classes, be it traditional or digital assets. 

Trustless and immutable trade settlements

Our clearing and settlement solutions employs distributed ledger technology to enable trustless and immutable trade settlements via bespoke, automatically generated smart contracts.

A partner you can trust


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Built for change, while delivering the stability and fault-tolerance of the largest electronic exchanges

All components of the Hydra X marketplace solutions suite are fully integrable with each other, allowing complete end-to-end venue management. Functionalities include a trading front end, pricing database, pricing/rate engine, margining engine, risk engine, accounting, inventory and sales modules.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our solutions provide an end-to-end toolkit to allow you to rapidly deploy an electronic marketplace, or to digitalise or automate your existing trading workflows. If you are an exchange, broker, trading firm, or commodity company, you can leverage on our technical and operational expertise to transform your business operations. 

Our solutions are completely modular and interoperable with each other. You can choose them all, or take only what your business requires. 

Depending on your particular requirements and use case, each deployment can take as little as 8 weeks to around 4 – 6 months. 

Our solutions are typically offered on a SaaS model. However, depending on your particular needs and use case, we would be happy to work with you on your additional customisations and deployment requirements.