Matching Engine


Designed to function as the core component of your electronic financial marketplace

Operational Stability and Fault Redundancy

Based on a micro-service architecture, our trading engine is built from the ground up for performance, operational stability, and fault redundancy / recovery. Synchronous replication of data across RDS deployments allows for data redundancy and failover support, as well as coherent disaster recovery.

High Performance and Scalability

Our scalable architecture supports on-premise, cloud, or mixed deployments, and scales according to the number of machines and databases.

Support for Multiple Assets

Our solution is built to allow the trading of any instrument that trades within a regular orderbook, and also supports arbitrary-precision decimal pricing and quantities.

Low Latency

Multi-core processing allows for enhanced scalability. Connections to micro-services (e.g. our risk engine) are routed through fast gRPC/protobuf connections that eliminate latency.


Matching Algorithms

Supports the following algorithms:

▪ Price/time algorithm, matching bids and offers with priority given to those entered into the system first.

▪ Request for Quote (RFQ), requesting and receiving quotes from market makers.

Market Surveillance

A market surveillance module is also available for the detection of market abuse and ensuring compliance with rules and regulations, including: 

▪ Alert parameter calibration
▪ Real-time supervision
▪ Order book replay and visualisation

Order Types

Supports the following standard order types: Limit, Market, Stop, Fill or Kill, Good till Date, Good till Time, Good till Cancelled.

Multiple External Connectivity Options

Our solution utilises an API gateway that supports standard protocols including gRPC, REST and WebSockets. FIX support may be implemented if required.

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