Matching Engine

Next generation central limit order book (CLOB) matching engine designed to meet the demands of modern digital marketplaces, while delivering the performance, stability and fault-tolerance of the largest electronic exchanges.

High Performance and Low Latency

Multi-asset matching engine to form the core of your electronic financial marketplace.

Offer Operational Stability and Fault Redundancy

Cloud availability allows synchronous replication for data redundancy, failover support and coherent disaster recovery, as well as real-time monitoring for stability.

Scale as You Grow

Elastic cloud deployments allow for continued optimal performance as volume, asset, or markets are added.

Underpinned by a Robust Regulatory Framework

Developed according to best-in-class practices and within the technology risk management guidelines of a robust regulatory framework.

Key Features

High Performance Matching ​

Take advantage of an in-memory matching benchmark of >100,000 orders/second, and one of the lowest round-trip latencies in the industry of less than 29 microseconds.

Robust Coverage​

Supports wide range of asset classes, both traditional and digital, and market types, with flexible matching performance, arbitrary-precision decimal pricing, and quantities.


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