Next Generation Trading and Exchange Engines

Hydra X empowers exchanges, OTC venues, brokers, dealers, bullion and trading companies with end-to-end electronic marketplace solutions

We Provide Building Blocks for the Next Generation of Digitised Trading


Fully compliant end-to-end marketplace solution

Launch your own full-service electronic marketplace

Our tech has been built from the ground up to be asset-class agnostic, suporting both next generation digital, as well as traditional financial, assets. We offer end-to-end solutions for the entire transaction chain – from price discovery, risk management, order matching and risk management to settlement solutions utilising distributed ledger technology.


Unified access to multiple trading venues

Seamless trading experience from one interface

Sigma is our award winning multi-asset trading platform for crypto, stocks, FX, CFDs and more. Access and trade across more than 10 crypto exchanges and FX brokers with a single, fully customizable interface. Join thousands of users who have already signed up.

Product Suite

For Exchanges and Brokers

  • Interface for order execution & portfolio management
  • Middle and back-office functionalities
  • Clearing and settlement on the blockchain
  • Matching and pricing engines
  • OTC marketplace

For Bullion and Commodity Companies

  • Interface for customers' order execution and portfolio management
  • Interface for traders' order execution, portfolio and customer management
  • Margin and price management
  • Middle and back-office functionalities​
  • Inventory management module

For Retail Traders

  • Interface for order execution across mutiple assets and venues
  • Market monitoring and charting
  • Portfolio management
  • Automated and algo trading
  • Chat and social sharing

For Bullion Companies

For Commodity Companies

For Retail Traders