An Overview of Digital Marketplace Technology

Staying on top of the market appears to be more challenging than ever, especially with the digital disruption in today’s globalisation. Digitising business operations is one of the most efficient ways to stay competitive in today’s globalisation. With electronic technology automating activities across the trade lifecycle, it helps companies in achieving such objective, especially for market markers where speed and efficiency are on top of their priorities.

Many solutions out there are built to automate traditonal workflows to be more efficient, yet firms have to be critical and precise in choosing the right solutions. Below is an illustration of an end-to-end digital marketplace technology. It covers a spectrum of electronic systems across trading lifecycle, from front end where traders interact directly with market to the end of the transaction, which is clearing and settlement.


With a clear understanding of technologies available, companies can accurately address the problems that they are facing with the right solution. This way, firms will be able to respond to needs in the market and stay ahead in the technological arms race.

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