Hydra X & Dinari Team Up to Offer Regulatory-Compliant, White Label Trading Platform for Tokenized US Stocks

Singapore, 2 Jul 2024Hydra X and Dinari have agreed to collaborate to provide regulated institutions with a turnkey platform to offer tokenized US stocks to its customers.

Hydra X, a technology infrastructure builder for digital capital markets, provides regulatory-compliant, white-label trading platforms to financial institutions to facilitate their Web 3.0 transition. Dinari is revolutionizing the trading of tokenized securities, by issuing dShares tokens, which are 1:1 backed by the exact amount of underlying Real World Assets, including but not limited to, stocks, ETFs, bonds, REITs, etc.

By integrating both technology platforms, this collaboration aims to provide a regulatory-compliant, end-to-end platform which will support the trading of tokenized US stocks outside of the US. 

“This collaboration deepens our product offering and most importantly, is aligned to our focus on being regulatory compliant,” said Daryl Low, CEO of Hydra X. “Integrating Dinari’s solution will allow our customers to access the US stock market in a compliant manner, backed by the highest standards of trust and security,” he added.

Gabriel Otte, CEO of Dinari, echoed the enthusiasm: “We are thrilled to collaborate with Hydra X. Dinari is committed to provide compliant access to some of the most trusted real world assets to our partners via our Solid Violet API. Through this integration, Hydra X and Dinari can now bring the US stock market to all their customers in a safe, efficient and compliant way.”

About Hydra X

Hydra X Pte. Ltd. is a regulatory-compliant, integrated platform enabling access to the tokenized financial ecosystem. It provides end-to-end infrastructure for the trading of tokenized assets, enabling businesses and institutional clients to adopt and scale within the digital capital markets. Headed by founding CEO Daryl Low, Hydra X’s management team has more than 60 years of experience in finance, financial regulation, law and technology.


Dinari Inc is a US-based company that offers access to some of the world’s most trusted assets such as stocks, ETFs, REITs via the SolidViolet API. As an SEC-registered transfer agent, Dinari ensures transparency and security, holding reserves of each underlying asset in regularly audited vaults. Dinari is backed by investors like 500 Global, Susquehanna SIG, Alchemy, and Alliance DAO.

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