Security Features

Our solutions incorporate advanced security features including robust encryption, 2FA authentication, role-based access and more.

Account Safeguards

Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) Protection

DDoS attacks are mitigated through the use of third-party cloud-based protections services such firewalls for perimeter protection. Threat detection systems are also in place to alert users when abnormal activities are detected.

Multi-factor Authentication

We provide multi-factor authentication as an additional layer of security, reducing the risk of intruders gaining access to critical systems and important data.

Industry-Standard Identity Management

We utilise the latest available authentication technology without compromising our exposure of personally identifiable information to external systems. Our products are able to extend into serverless architectures through the use of messaging services, Lambda functions and containers for peripheral services.

User IP Address Whitelisting

We provide our clients the ability to whitelist IP addresses, preventing hackers from entering production servers through unapproved networks.

Data Encryption

Trusted & Secure Encrypted Connection

Data transmissions to our servers are secured using TLS 1.3 HTTP encryption, to ensure speed and privacy.

Encrypted Data Pipeline and Data at Rest

We provide for encryption of data at both database and field level for added security and anonymity. Data passed between our modules via the Internet is encrypted by SSL.

Strong Password Hashing Encryption

Passwords in our database are secured by strong password hashing functions, either through PBKDF2 or SHA encryption.

Reporting & Alerts

Regular Reporting & Alerts

We generate threat reports and log analytics reports to ensure that our systems are secure and healthy within serivce level timeframes. We can also deploy automated security monitoring and intrusion detection.

Key Access & Audit Trail

Detailed audit logs of backend requests are stored in separate servers to log organisation’s personnel access to sensitive information on back-end database.

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