Market Technology Trends 2020

Technology advancement has been the key factor behind transformation in financial markets, from startups disrupting the industry with emerging technologies to incumbents stepping up their game to maintain their competitive advantage. In this article, we observe the survey reports produced by J.P. Morgan and Greenwich Associates on market technology trends for 2020 shared by institutional and professional traders across the globe. The findings cover insights on how technology has affected trading operations on a daily basis and the shift on market movement today and upcoming years.
Global Markets Landscape
Daily issues traders face in 2020
Technology impacts on financial markets
Transformational Technologies
The most useful data tools
Technology that traders believe will have an impact on financial markets (for the next 3-5 years)
Disruptive technology in the market
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence impact on trading process
Firms currently using Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning in trading process
As financial markets move towards digitisation and automation across the trade lifecycle, more firms are  expecting to increasingly apply technologies such as AI and Machine Learning in their processes. As Eddie Wen, J.P. Morgan Global Head of Digital Markets says, “With the proliferation of data and amount of information we are collecting across various digitised channels, the ability to digest that information using the new AI tools will be transformational.” Together with cloud computing, big data and cybersecurity, artificial intelligence should be implemented on trading desks in order for firms to remain relevant in today’s market competition.

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