Marketplace Solutions

Complete Electronic Marketplace Solutions

Every electronic marketplace has it own set of demands and considerations. At Hydra X, we conduct a comprehensive walkthrough with every client to understand their needs, and design a solution tailored to their business.

Customer Front End

Order execution

Watchlist, order history, order monitoring

Portfolio management

Balance, margin & transactions monitoring

Market analysis

Aggregated news & videos, advanced charting features

Customer support

Chat module, customer helpdesk

Trader Front End

Order execution

Manual & smart order execution function, order monitoring 

Portfolio management

Balance, margin & transactions monitoring

Customer account management

Price parameters set-up, margin call alert


Customer Account Management

Account management

Customers’ accounts control, permission settings, customer documentation

Price management

Price and margin customisations

Middle and Back-Office

Margin management module

Automatic calculations and updates based on current prices, one-click customer notifications & liquidation 

Spread management module

Real-time adjustment to parameters & spreads

Pricing module

Low latency live prices from multiple providers or customisable sources

Accounting module

Standard accounting transaction reports, general ledger reports (balance sheet, P&L, cash flow etc), multi-currency features

CRM module

Track sales leads and data, manage customer interactions 

Inventory Management

Inventory Status Enquiry

Inventory balances, costing, movement & transfers


Lot or serial tracking 


Generate & export summaries and reports


Built for change, while delivering the stability and fault-tolerance of the largest electronic exchanges

All components of the Hydra X Marketplace Solutions suite are fully integrable with each other, allowing complete end-to-end venue management, with high levels of redundancies and service continuity. 

Solution Briefs

Discover what Hydra X solutions can do for your business

Product Brief: Solutions for Bullion Companies​

THEIA by Hydra X is a software solution suite covering the entire bullion transaction chain including price discovery, trade confirmation, and settlement solutions, as well as customisable back end modules for accounting, inventory, ERP and CRM.

Product Brief: Solutions for Commodity Trading Companies​

The Hydra Marketplace Solutions Suite enables commodities companies, trading firms, brokers and associations to digitalise their business and trading workflows for a large variety of commodities and assets.

Product Tech Brief: Matching Engine

Designed for cost-effective, maintenance-light deployments (either on premise or on cloud), our Matching Engine solution is designed to function as the core component of your electronic or financial marketplace.

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